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Geminação Havai-Madeira


Sister State Relationship

The connection between Hawaiʻi and Madeira dates back to 1878, when the first immigrants from Madeira arrived on our shores to work in the sugar cane plantations. Over the next thirty years, thousands more Portuguese would arrive, of whom approximately half came from Madeira.

Along with their honest, hardworking, and family-oriented attitude, the Portuguese immigrants to Hawaiʻi brought many reminders of their homeland which would eventually become integral parts of Hawaiʻi culture: the braguinha which became the ʻukulele, linguiça which became better known as Portuguese sausage, and the cattlemen whose traditions shaped our local paniolo, among others.

Over the past 140 years, the Portuguese in Hawaiʻi integrated themselves into the fabric of local society, becoming leaders in business, politics, education, and many other fields. We strongly believe that a proper way to honor their contributions now and in the future is to establish a Sister State relationship with the islands of their homeland.


Funchal, Madeira


Windward Oʻahu

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